Our Engine department is overseen by Owain Rowlands.

We use our own machine shop and engine dyno to maintain quality reduce build schedules.

We have experience in the following engines;


    • A Series Mini
    • Austin Healey
    • BD/A/G/X 1.6 and 2.0 litre for Escorts, Caterham’s and Westfield’s
    • Cosworth YB for road, race and rally
    • Duratec for Escorts and Kit Cars
    • DFV/R for historic F1
    • LOTUS twin cam for F2 and Historic saloon and Road.
    • LOTUS K Series and Toyota engines
    • Mitsubishi Evo 2 to 10
    • Pinto
    • Rover V8 for Morgans
    • Subaru Legacy and Impreza
    • Vauxhall race and rally
    • X Flow


Please call for a quotation.

No warranty is given or implied on any modified engines that are built by GroupB Motorsport, due to the nature of their intended use. All vehicles are health checked and road tested on our rolling road; we always invite our customers to be involved in this process.


Due to our vast experience with the 2.5 Subaru engines, we highly recommend that you do not increase the bhp or torque due to the lack of durability.

Track Day and Competition Engines

Track Day upgraded engine rebuilds including steel rods and sump baffle (2.0 only) from £2499

Track Day 2.5 engines call for specifications.

Stage 1.  From donor engine to include Cosworth Pistons, cylinder head work and uprated gaskets £3,500. Engine Dynoed £400.

Stage 2.  From donor engine to include Cosworth Pistons, stage 2 cylinder head work and uprated gaskets £3,500. Engine Dynoed £400.

Stage 3.  From donor engine to include Cosworth Pistons, stage 3 cylinder head work, stage 3 cams wire ringed block and uprated gaskets £4,995. Engine Dynoed £400.

Group B Motorsport are official Pro-R agents and Sparco retailers, visit our Shop or call for details

Engine Rebuilds

Have your engine rebuilt by Owain Rowlands  our in house engine builder.

The Engine Services that we provide include:

  • Engine rebuilds
  • Engine Problem Diagnosis
  • Replacing distorted cylinder heads
  • Fixing blown head gasket
  • Re-machining , re-facing and reclaiming.
  • Design and development of racing engines.

Engine removal and inspection from £390

Road use Engine refresh using genuine Cosworth Parts from £1700

For more information please call 01244 822 327.